Welcome to UntamedWildfire, a space to share and discuss my thoughts and experiences. Life is one hell of a ride, why not start living instead of just being alive?


Lets be honest, life is one hell of a ride. We’re constantly evolving, changing and learning. However, there are those occasions where we find ourselves at a cross road. We’re forced to trust, having had our trust broken before. We’re forced to keep calm under pressure when life throws us a curveball, what then? Without understanding ourselves, our minds and our thought processes it’s difficult to trust our instincts at these times.

We each have our own stories, journeys and experiences which have made us the people we are today. For me? A volatile and suffocating home life as a result of a controlling and abusive father. The implications such a childhood and upbringing had on me and my family as individuals was huge. This is what inspired UntamedWildfire. Having fought my own demons, faced fears and worked hard to be where I am today, I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends and family.

By sharing my experiences, thoughts and opinions, I hope to spread positivity and encourage healthier ways of dealing with life and its curveballs without too much of a mental strain. It’s our own inner strength that can save us from our own darkness and help us learn to live instead of just being alive. We’re all in this together, grab the devil by the horns and let the inner fighter take control.



Art is a form of expression. I love to create intricate art pieces and have found this to be a very useful and helpful hobby. For me, Art is therapeutic; the more detailed my work, the happier and free I feel . Check out my work, and feel free to contact me for commissions, purchases and orders. You can also follow my colourful journey by following me on Instagram at:



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